The office consists of a complete team of surgeons and assistants who perform the work strictly in accordance with the standards of the profession, adopting the most stringent criteria as to hygiene, quality of materials, and advanced techniques of work.

The goal is to promote oral health, providing security, winning the confidence and promoting the health of the patient.

The office is designed so that the patient does not feel that is within an office.
  Dr. FERNANDO DE ABREU PEREIRA, thinking about the welfare of their patients have, in the same place, under his supervision, a team of professionals skilled in other areas of specialty within dentistry.

- Periodontics (Problems in the Gingivas)
- Endodontics (Channel)
- Orthodontics (Fixed Appliances and Furniture, Porcelain, Transparent, Intra Oral)
- Odontopediatrics (Children and Dabies)
- Aesthetics-General (Bleaching, Sealant, Application of Fluor)