- Translator of the book "Guia Tip-Edge e a Técnica Diferencial do Arco Reto" / Peter C. Kesling - Rio de Janeiro: F. of A. Pereira, 1999. - ISBN 85-900775-1-9
- Translator of the newspaper "Tip-Edge Today" I TP Orthodontics, summer 1999.

Scientific Activities:
Some courses, conferences and lectures delivered

- He and the Assistant Update Course on Orthodontics Fixed ¬ systems Begg, held in Odonto of Clinical Specialties of Niteroi, in the period September 1994 to July 1995, with the working hours of 132 hours.
- Ministrador Course: "Tip-Edge - ea Técnica Diferencial do Arco Reto", with duration of 4 hours, during the XXXV Day of Dental Fluminense in Niteroi - RJ, 25 October 1997.
- Instructor Course "Tip-Edge Differential Straight-Arch Course in Orthodontlcs" presented by R. Thomas Rocke, D.D.S., M.S. Organized by the TP Orthodontics Inc., in Piracicaba, Brazil, November 1997.
- Ministrador of the Conference on the theme "Tip- Edge: Ortodontia Utilizando-se Forças Leves", during the 4th Odontorio the Brazilian Association of Dentistry of Rio de Janeiro on July 16, 1998.
- Ministrador theme of freedom “Braquetes Tip- Edge: Um Novo Horizonte na Ortodontia". During the 14 International Congress of Dentistry of Rio de Janeiro, on July 21, 1999.